Regno Unito - zwaard - sabre mamaluke

Regno Unito - zwaard - sabre mamaluke
Buone condizioni - 1800

The sabre is from the British lieutenant Robert Fernyhough. He served in the Royal Marines from 1804, Robert Fernyhough experienced the capture of the Dutch colony Cape of Good Hope and was in charge of capturing the French frigate La Volontaire. It was during this action that he received this sabre. He went to Buenos Aires and fought against the Spaniards.
In the book
Marines to 95th (Rifles) - The military experiences of Robert Fernyhough during the Napoleonic Wars the sabre is described.

The total length is 90 cm measured straight incl. scabbard, 87 cm without scabbard.
The condition is good, the sheath exhibits wear and tear but is acceptable, is a bit open but not disturbing or bothersome, see pictures
The sabre has actually been through battles, see the notches from blocking.
It is a unique piece with a beautiful history. see photos for a good impression

Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Regno Unito
Tipo di arma
sabre mamaluke
Buone condizioni
Anno di fabbricazione
Lunghezza totale
95 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
95 cm
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