Maschera / cresta - Legno - Bo Nuin Amwen - Baoulé - Costa d’Avorio

Maschera / cresta - Legno - Bo Nuin Amwen - Baoulé - Costa d’Avorio
metà del XX secolo - Condizioni discrete

Authentic Baule “Bo Nuin Amwen” Helmet Mask

Imposing Baule porting mask from Ivory Coast.

This mask named “Bo Nun Amwen” is particularly mystical. In fact, when worn, it cannot be viewed by women. Accompanied by bells, women return home when they hear it approaching.

This mask was used in ceremonies related to the “goli” rites.

Spectacular piece, of nice dimensions. With traces of erosion and ancient traces of xylophagous attacks.

Delivered with the presentation stand.

Objects are sent with track & trace.

Express and secure shipment. Parcels are sent from Monday to Saturday. The shipment takes between 2 and 3 days for France; 2 and 5 days throughout Europe.

You can view and/or pick up the piece in Ajaccio, 20090 France.

Dettagli lotto
Maschera / cresta
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Bo Nuin Amwen
Regione / Paese
Costa d’Avorio
metà del XX secolo
Condizioni discrete
Con supporto incluso
42×26.5×17 cm
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