Statuetta - terra cruda - Mami Wata Vaudou - Ewe - Togo

Statuetta - terra cruda - Mami Wata Vaudou - Ewe - Togo
metà del XX secolo - Condizioni discrete

Mami Wata, Ewe culture, Togo. Height: 32 cm.

Beautiful Voodoo altar figure in raw soil representing Mami Wata, the goddess of water. She is prayed for fertility, fortune and good luck.
The front of the legs is missing. Please note the other minor damages, have a look at the pictures. The whole is solid. There is still some kaolin powder on the surface of the figure. The eyes are represented by cowry shells. Underneath the figure are placed magical elements, cowry shells, feathers, coins and other things... Quite and diffuse force exudes from this object. This ancient and authentic Voodoo item is a beautiful piece of collection. Around 1960.

Raw solid soil. Placed on a stand. The object is heavy: 5 kilograms. Secure shipment.

Dettagli lotto
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Mami Wata Vaudou
Regione / Paese
terra cruda
metà del XX secolo
Condizioni discrete
Con supporto incluso
32×0×0 cm
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