Aceh Sumatra - Keris - kris

Aceh Sumatra - Keris - kris
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Ancient Sumatra /Palembang kris straight blade
pamor beras wutah kuno
Grip of part buffalo horn and wood
Sumatran kris have a more angular and complicated wranka
wranka is made of palisander wood
kris fits nicely in the sheath
Total length is 43 cm.
length blade 35 cm
19th century

Peurise Awe or Peurise Awi is a shield native to Aceh, Indonesia. The shield was used by Aceh warriors against the Dutch colonials in the 19th century during the Aceh War.
Large model shield of hammered copper, on which seven studs with stars are riveted
The shield is a sign of dignity for a warrior (panglima prang).
This has 7 stars. The stars are a reference to the Pleiades of the galaxy.
diameter 36 cm
early 19th century

Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Aceh Sumatra
Tipo di arma
Buone condizioni
Lunghezza totale
43 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
35 cm
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