Maschera - Legno - Ntomo - Publié - Bambara - Mali

Maschera - Legno - Ntomo - Publié - Bambara - Mali
Fine XIX secolo - Buone condizioni

Ntomo Mask, Bambara culture, Mali Height: 73 cm.

Magnificent and ancient Bambara mask from Mali. It is in very good condition for its age, the headdress is complete and unrestored. There are a few cracks and lacks at the level of the mouth. The wood is well oxidised, attesting of the antiquity of this mask. Wonderful earthy patina. The face is smooth and powerful. The volumes are harmonious. The mask seems to be animated, the sculptor knew how to breathe life into it. This is ancient and authentic quality work, it comes from the Pierre Robin collection, a great Parisian merchant, specialist in Mali, who is now retired. Rare piece, not to be missed. Late 19th, early 20th century.

The mask was exhibited during the exhibition “MASQUES” in 2013, at the Gallery Atelier, in Toulouse. This was the central piece of the exhibition, illustrated on the invitation card, as well as in the publication in the Tribal Art Magazine.
An article about this exhibition was published in this review.
Have a look at the pictures.

A copy of the magazine Tribal Art will be delivered to the buyer, as well as an invoice, including a picture, of the Gallery Atelier.

The mask has a thick custom-made cardboard box. It will be stored and packaged in a second solid cardboard. The parcel will be particularly solid.
Shipment via UPS. The parcel can be insured, upon request.

The mask can also be picked up in Toulouse, France.

Dettagli lotto
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Ntomo - Publié
Regione / Paese
Fine XIX secolo
Buone condizioni
Con supporto incluso
73×0×0 cm
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