Bambole rituali Losso "Di Kori" (3) - Osso - Ewe - Togo

Bambole rituali Losso "Di Kori" (3) - Osso - Ewe - Togo
Seconda metà XX secolo - Condizioni discrete

3 Losso or Ewe Ritual “Di Kori” Dolls, Togo

13.5 cm, 13.5 cm and 10.5 cm.

Bone, beads, wonderful patina of wear.

Dolls are present throughout almost all western Africa.
This kind of doll made of animal bone, decorated with beads or dressed, is found in central Africa, in Senegal, among the Balante peoples.
These ones come from the Ewe or Losso peoples from northern Togo.

This kind of doll named Di Kori (son of the bone) is crafted with animal bones.
Once the bone was cleansed and dried (sometimes in the fire), the head of the family hands it to the young girl who will personalise it, most often with beads.
Some ethnic groups use these dolls to favour fertility, therefore, the woman will take care of it, as if it were a true child.
After birth, this fetish because a toy for the child.

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Bambole rituali Losso "Di Kori"
Regione / Paese
Seconda metà XX secolo
Condizioni discrete
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14×6×3 cm
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