Scultura - Legno - Di yombe - Repubblica Democratica del Congo

Scultura - Legno - Di yombe - Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Prima metà XX secolo - Eccellenti condizioni

This upright , asexual "Nkisi" figure still has its circular "Nduda" box , filled with magical substances, on the abdomen.
Sealed with a reflective glass disc, it had a protective , oracle function.

Ex. Colonial collection. Francis Maroys , Anseremme , Belgium.
Ex. Gal. J.-P. Le Page , 17 & 19 rue de la Regence , Brussels.
(see photo in "Arts d'Afrique Noir", 1975 ).
Ex. Private Coll., Brussels (1975).

Semi hard wood type.
Painted white face and disc.
Crusty, black resin patina on the rest of the body and headdress.
A lot of flaking substance.
Wear and tear of use on the side of the arms and on the face.
Glass in the eyes and as closing of the cavity.
A lot of metal nails in front and at the back of the body.
Braided raffia rope wrapped around the body.
Remains of animal skin and bone.
A large round nail fixing the leg.
Dry bottom with drilled hole of the previous stand.

Beautiful "Nkisi" with good provenance!

Shipment with track & trace.

Dettagli lotto
Di yombe
Regione / Paese
Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Prima metà XX secolo
Eccellenti condizioni
Con supporto incluso
32×9×9 cm
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