Pendente - Giada - Cina - Fine XX secolo

Pendente - Giada - Cina - Fine XX secolo
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione - 0×0×0 cm

Polished pale celadon nephrite jade pendant – China – end of 20th Century

This week some good quality jades for sale! All of them with no reserve price!

On offer is a good quality natural pale celadon nephrite jade pendant. The color of the stone is between white and light gray. Relief carved decoration of water landscape with boat and pavilion by moonlight. It is polished to a high level and has a glossy feeling and appearance. Tested as jade with hardened steel knife; no scratching possible. Semi translucent appearance.

Size: Measures about 6cm in length and 3,3cm wide. Thickness ca. 0,8cm.

Weight: 43,6gram or 218 Carat!

Will be packed very well and shipped with registered track/trace with insurance.

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Fine XX secolo
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In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione
0×0×0 cm
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