Cucchiaio (1) - Legno, Ottone - Songye - Repubblica Democratica del Congo

Cucchiaio (1) - Legno, Ottone - Songye - Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Seconda metà XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Origin: DRC
Name of the tribe: Songye.
Material(s): Wood, brass.
Dimensions (in cm): 31 x 7 x 9
Weight (in grams): 350
Shipment mode: Postal shipment.

The “Songye” are very renowned for their statuettes, large ones (about 70 to 90 centimetres high, sometimes less; collective) or smaller ones (generally less than 35 centimetres, in some cases less than 10 cm; individual). In fact, most statuettes that the iconography allows us to discover nowadays are of Kalebwe origin (Ekie and Ilande also, as well as Sanga, Mona and Tempa, who are neighbouring groups and occupy the western part of the Songye country, two of the sculptors photographed by Hersak are Kalebwe, the third one is Ciofwe - a neighbouring chieftaincy, which at the time of father Lumpungu and after a dispute, became independent from the Kalebwe chieftaincy), whereas most figurines come from the populations of the east of Lomami, and Kalebwe groups who we can find on the eastern bank of this river. Some very particular figurines presented a specific register of a very localised area in the east of the current so-called Songye country and a precise period,

Dettagli lotto
Numero totale di oggetti
Regione / Paese
Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Legno, Ottone
Seconda metà XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Con supporto incluso
31×7×9 cm
350 g
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