Grande ammonite - Pezzo - Cleoniceras besairiei

Grande ammonite - Pezzo - Cleoniceras besairiei
Cretaceous, Early Albian (100 Mya) - Regione di Boeny, Madagascar

Cleoniceras Ammonite, clearly showing the suture lines between its chambers and that it is completely mineralized in calcite; in the widest part, it can be seen that its chambers are filled with calcite crystals. It measures ± 22.3 cm x17.2 cm, very beautiful and perfectly preserved on both sides.

Delivered with support. It will be carefully packed and shipped with online tracking. There will also be insurance for losses or breakages in transportation.

Dettagli lotto
Grande ammonite
Nome scientifico
Cleoniceras besairiei
Regione di Boeny, Madagascar
Periodo geologico
Cretaceous, Early Albian (100 Mya)
Buone condizioni
1488 g
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