Stati Uniti d'America - James Reid - Pocket revolver No 3 - Single Action (SA) - Percussion or rimfire - Revolver - 32 Rimfire or 31 cap & ball

Stati Uniti d'America - James Reid - Pocket revolver No 3 - Single Action (SA) - Percussion or rimfire - Revolver - 32 Rimfire or 31 cap & ball
Condizioni molto buone - 1863 - Non disattivata

ULTRA RARE James reid Pocket revolver model 3 cal 32 RF . Flayderman page 508 item 8A-143.
This is a fascinating Civil War-era revolver by James Reid of New York City. Manufactured from 1863-65, This example has number 1927 . Barrel marked "J. REID N.Y. CITY / PATD, APL 28. 1863". This is one of the few revolvers you'll ever see that was designed to work as both a cartridge and a percussion revolver. It also sports a 4"3/4 barrel . What made this unique revolver more amazing to us, was these would have seen use during the American Civil War.
This early Reid is one of the few revolvers I've seen that appears to have successfully circumvented the Rollin White patent for bored-through cylinders. This patent was owned by Smith and Wesson who did everything in their power to sue all infringements. That brings up this gun which is about the closest thing we've seen to effectively out-smarting a very solid patent. This clever design was marketed as a .31 caliber percussion revolver with the rear portion of the chambers in the cylinder threaded (instead of bored smooth) to accommodate percussion nipples which screwed into the back of each chamber. There was even a traditional percussion-style loading lever mounted underneath the barrel. However, if the percussion nipples were removed, the revolver could be loaded with standard .32 rimfire cartridges...the same as the Smith and Wesson No. 2 Army Revolver. What apparently kept the Reid safe from violating S&W's Rollin White patent were the fine threads at the back of each chamber. Technically, and more importantly; in the eyes of the law, this exempted Reid's design from being a "bored-through cylinder". The simplicity of Reid's design not only allowed it to get around S&W's patent, it even used the same ammunition as the S&W. AND if cartridges weren't available, it could quickly be converted back to a percussion weapon by re-installing the nipples. In the end, not only was Reid able to circumvent S&W's patent, but he was awarded his own patent for the dual ignition concept in April 1863.

Only to be sold in Europe!

Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Stati Uniti d'America
Produttore / Costruttore
James Reid
Pocket revolver No 3
Tipo di arma
Meccanismo di sparo
Percussion or rimfire
Single Action (SA)
32 Rimfire or 31 cap & ball
Disattivazione certificata
Non disattivata
Condizioni molto buone
Anno di fabbricazione
Lunghezza totale
24 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
4.75 in
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