Bambola fetish Zaramo - Legno - kwere - Tanzania

Bambola fetish Zaramo - Legno - kwere - Tanzania
metà del XX secolo - Condizioni discrete

Zaramo or Kwere Statuette, Tanzania

Height: 21.5 cm.

Kwere/Zaramo Doll - Tanzania

The smoothness of the expression and magnificent antiquity characterise this rare quality object.

Among the Zaramo of Tanzania, these dolls-statuettes named “mwana hiti” (wooden child in the Swahili language) are loaded? during sacrifices which function is to connect them to ancestor spirits at the origin of the paternal clan.

The young girl, once she has reached puberty, is isolated from the community.
Then, her paternal aunt will offer the wooden child, which will be dressed by the young girl with pieces of textile of her clothes, decorated with beads taken from her necklaces and with a tuft of her own hair.

Once ornamented, it will become the object of all her attention: it will be cleansed, fed, cuddled, as if it were her own child.
Finally, during the ceremonies of the end of the retreat, the initiate will dance in front of the women’s community, proudly exhibiting the wooden child.

The dance ends with the auto-da-fé of clothes and hairs of the figurine, which is then deactivated. Having become a doll again, it is kept by the mother who will offer it to her first daughter (according to H. Cole, 1989, see also E. Cameron, Isn’t S/he a Doll, page 91).

Dettagli lotto
Bambola fetish Zaramo
Regione / Paese
metà del XX secolo
Condizioni discrete
Con supporto incluso
22×9×6 cm
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