Yamaha - PS-55 - Sintetizzatore

Yamaha - PS-55 - Sintetizzatore
Eccellenti condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 4 - Inclusi: Sintetizzatore - Adattatore di alimentazione Yamaha, copertura Yamaha, leggio per spartiti

Yamaha PS-55 Synthesizer

Collector’s item!
Yamaha Synthesizer/Arranger from 1983 with 49 full size keys, excellent analog sounds, very cool drum computer, very strong synthesizer sounds, vibrato, sustain, celeste, chorus, tremolo, sequencer, stereo speakers, many connections and enchanting arpeggios.

A rare Yamaha synth.

The perfect weapon for sampling and for synth pop: Old-school analogue Yamaha. Polyphonic. - 32 very cool sounds: Analog chorus and tremolo. 32 Rhythm Styles with unique vintage drum sounds, different hand claps, 5 different fills per style, with separate control over volume of drums, bass and orchestral voices. Ubercool vintage 80's rhythm patterns. Extremely deep bass. Recording capabilities: Sequencer with multiple tracks. Also very cool (ADHD-) arpeggio, fine sounding speakers, transposer, line output, line input, expression pedal input (!) and a stereo headphone connection.

See photos: in museum-worthy condition: virtually no scratch or spot on the instrument.

This synthesizer plays wonderfully, everything is fine. Super cool sounds once again! Complete with Yamaha adapter, sheet music stand and original silver-coloured Yamaha cover. The synthesizer also runs on batteries.

Dimensions: 97 x 24 x 8 cm
Weight: 5.6 g
Including: Yamaha Cover, Yamaha Adapter, Sheet Music Stand
Not included: Does not come with the depicted keyboard stand.

Please note: because of the dimensions (>1 metre including packaging), shipping is only possible to addresses inside EU on mainland Europe and within the UK.
So no shipping to the EU islands, Norway and Switzerland, and not to countries outside of Europe.

Collector’s item. Place your best bid in time.
When you have the highest bid after the auction, the synth is carefully packed and shipped to you via 100% insured courier directly after the auction. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Eccellenti condizioni
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Adattatore di alimentazione Yamaha, copertura Yamaha, leggio per spartiti
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