Roland - VS-880 VXpanded - Registratore multitraccia 8/64 tracce / Studio di registrazione digitale

Roland - VS-880 VXpanded - Registratore multitraccia 8/64 tracce / Studio di registrazione digitale
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The Roland VS880 ‘VXpanded’ is a 24-bit 8/64-track recording workstation with built-in hard drive for all musicians and producers who are looking for a simple, yet powerful portable home studio. These sought-after Roland recorders have very good preamps and AD converters, with which your recordings get an extra warm and powerful, organic sound, similar to the quality of the best analogue studio tape recorders. Hearing is believing!

- Very easy to operate 8-track recorder
- Turn on, plug in, record, play and simultaneously record a new track, record vocals, add EQ and effects, mix, done
- Superior sound quality (Roland preamps) and powerful effects

Perfect tool to produce songs and/or demos quickly and in top quality! Never crashes.


* complete digital recording studio: 24-bit digital recording/editing (44-bit internal processing), 8-channel digital mixer, and built-in multi-effects processors
* Up to 4-track simultaneous recording, 8-track simultaneous playback
* Very good sound guaranteed by the excellent preamps and AD/DA converters
* V8SF-1 effects board installed, or 2 digital stereo multi-effects processors can be used simultaneously with beautiful Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Phasers, Distortions, Microphone simulators and much more! (198 preset effects and 99 user effects)
* 64 "Virtual" tracks: you can record 7 alternative takes per track, for example to do multiple solo or vocal takes and then combine the best parts from it
* Software version 3.20 (latest update)
* Simple operation, fast workflow
* Non-destructive audio editing: copy, move, exchange, insert, cut, and erase with no less than 999 Undo levels = extra carefree recording
* Bright and clear LCD display
* 2x4 analogue inputs (Jack and RCA) and 2-channel digital input
* Stereo master outputs, 2x aux sends, 2 channels digital output, headphones
* See photos for further connectivity options, including MIDI in/out/thru for syncing
* Roland 'Built like a tank' - built extremely robustly
Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 9 cm
* Extras: power cord
* Clear, comprehensive and well-written (including various general recording tips) English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and various foreign language manuals are available online, link or PDF file is sent on request

In very good optical condition, as can be seen in the photos. The cover on the right front which normally covers the removable hard drive is absent, this has no adverse effect, the hard drive is now even faster to change than usual.
The recorder is fully tested and everything functions 100% perfectly.

Is your bid the highest? The recorder will be sent very carefully packaged by insured mail.

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VS-880 VXpanded
Tipo di strumento/ Oggetto
Registratore multitraccia 8/64 tracce / Studio di registrazione digitale
Condizioni molto buone
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8 kg
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