Rollei Rolleicopi Philips Oscillograph fotografiekit.

Rollei Rolleicopi Philips Oscillograph fotografiekit.
Fotocamera reflex biottica (TLR) - Dispositivi principali vari - Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)

Rollei Rolleicord Vb ~ Ultra-Rare Grey "Rolleicopi" Philips PM9300.

This extremely rare Rolleicopi Oscillograph photography kit, serial number RL421, was developed in collaboration with Philips in the 1960s, with article number PM9300 (a total of 350 to 450 sets).

This set is in top condition. Based on the Rolleicord Vb, in the colour grey, it will be supplied with Rolleicopt-top and various accessories.

This seemingly complete outfit, includes:

1. - The Rolleicord Vb - no. Vb 2610468, recording lens Schneider
Xenar 3.5 / 75mm and shutter Synchro-Compur 1-1 / 500 sec.,
1. - special Rolleicopi, close-up focus hood no. Vb 2610347.
1.- light-blocking hood and two clamping sizes for
1. - Polaroid back no. 2610347 for Rolleicord Vb.
1. - unopened cassette unexposed Polaroid 107 film in packaging.
1. - Rollei interchangeable back wall for flat film cassettes with one flat film cassette.
3. - Rolleinar close-up lenses.
7. - size-reducing frame masks
3. - frame counters for 12, 16 and 24 frames, respectively.
1. - lens cap.
2. - lens hoods, covered with felt.
1. - tape measure.
1. - well-functioning light meter.
3. - leather storage bags.
1. - kit case.
2.- securing pins.
Various small items, see the pictures!

Dettagli lotto
Dispositivi principali vari
Numero di modello/tipo
Rolleicopi Philips Oscillograph fotografiekit.
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Fotocamera reflex biottica (TLR)
Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)
N° di dispositivi principali
Tipo di attacco dell’obiettivo
Tipo di pellicola
120, polaroid type 107 en 6,5x9cm sheetfilm
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