Francia - Darne - Hunting - Fucile - 12mm cal

Francia - Darne - Hunting - Fucile - 12mm cal
Eccellenti condizioni - 1884

Exceptional rifle with rotating-block, also known as the Darne Rotary: These rifles are very rare.
Made in Saint Etienne, weapons-making capital of France, by the DARNE company, founded in 1881 by Régis Darne. The Darne company had a know-how that only a few craftsmen in the world can still boast of. Very rare DARNE ‘rotary’ rifle with external hammers, 1884 model in excellent condition. Fixed-barrel weapon and rotary breech, 12/65 calibre with central percussion and external hammers. Walnut wood in perfect condition, with its original grip plates and lively gridding. Rotary breech system with lateral opening lever and fully chiselled hammers, beautifully damasked barrels,
Walnut wood cross, good power of the mechanism, rotating block 100/100. Very heavy rifle.
The perfect weapon to add to a beautiful collection.
Parcel shipped with tracking and insurance.

Dettagli lotto
Paese di fabbricazione
Produttore / Costruttore
Tipo di arma
12mm cal
Eccellenti condizioni
Anno di fabbricazione
Lunghezza totale
118 cm
Lunghezza della canna / lama
80 cm
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