Valle dell'Indo Terracotta Statuetta (Bajaur Idol) - 25.7×9.5×10.2 cm

Valle dell'Indo Terracotta Statuetta (Bajaur Idol) - 25.7×9.5×10.2 cm
Circa 3rd-2nd millennium BC.

A hollow-moulded Indus Valley red terracotta statuette of a female figure, rendered in a stylised manner with emphasis on facial features, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. She stands, with face up-turned and holds her hands between her breasts. The fron of the figure is decorated with a pattern of indentations on the body and neck
Complete and intact with light earthy accretions.
The Indus Valley Civilisation extended from what today is north east Afghanistan to Pakistan and north west India. It was one of three early and widespread cradles of civilisation along with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. At its peak, the Indus Valley Civilisation, which included such sites as Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, may have had a population of over five million, who developed new techniques in pottery, seal carving, and metallurgy.

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Dettagli lotto
Valle dell'Indo
Statuetta (Bajaur Idol)
25.7×9.5×10.2 cm
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
Circa 3rd-2nd millennium BC.
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