Formula Uno - 2009 - Pneumatico

Formula Uno - 2009 - Pneumatico
Condizioni molto buone - Original unbenutzter Reifen aus der F1

For auction here is something unique - an original Formula 1 Bridgestone Potenza tire, of course with FIA id. This model was driven as a complete slick in the 2009 and 2010 seasons. It is a rear tyre, which is in beautiful condition, almost new after time. It is unused.

Such a thing is extremely rare and difficult to obtain, certainly not from this period and in its present condition; therefore perfect for decoration.
Super nice and genuine original part from F1 from one of the historical F1 cars from the good times with real sound. It is a tyre with the medium mixture.
I received it directly through someone from Formula 1.

good condition; authentic; original F1 Bridgestone Potenza rear tyre

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Formula Uno
Condizioni molto buone
Original unbenutzter Reifen aus der F1
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