Diversi cestini intrecciati (3) - Bambù - Regione montuosa del confine con il Vietnam - metà del XX secolo

Diversi cestini intrecciati (3) - Bambù - Regione montuosa del confine con il Vietnam - metà del XX secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione

One fish-basket in round shape, one women's basket with back straps and a small hamper.

The fish basket has a mouth which is closed by rings of mobile rattan-stripes. These stripes let the fishes in but not out. The fisherman can remove the ring to take out the caught fish. This shape is usual not as a fishtrap but for transporting the already caught and still alive fish to the village. Because it was stored in the water together with the living fish the basket has no shiny patina but traces of natural age of the bamboo stripes. It was already in a collection before it came to me at the end of the 1990s. I rinsed the non original dirt recently away because this basket was used originally to put into the water and shouldn't be dusty.
Dimensions: 24 cm/ 9,4 in. high and 22 cm/ 8,7 in. in diameter.

The taller womens basket with back straps has a wooden base. Note, that there are two losses in the wood, one is restored slightly.
Size: high 32 cm/ 12,6 in., diameter 20 cm/ 7,9 in.
Reverence: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. - Tran Phu Printing, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt 1998, plate at p. 85 shows a Banar women with a very similar basket in the right side foreground (s. copy of the picture).

The woven basket with a handle and a lid is fluffily woven and has also a wooden base. The lid shows geometrical pattern. It has a smoked patina with traces of aged dust.
Size: 17 x 21 x 18,5 cm / 6,7 x 8,3 x 7,3 in.

The baskets are a nice example for good shape of tribal objects of everyday use. The technology of the baskets is well known in many other regions of South East Asia as well.

Provenience: German Private Collection (clearing)

Dettagli lotto
Numero complessivo di oggetti
Diversi cestini intrecciati
metà del XX secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
Regione montuosa del confine con il Vietnam
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
320×200×200 mm
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