Fascino: figura umana accovacciata (2) - Legno tenero - Dayak - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Fascino: figura umana accovacciata (2) - Legno tenero - Dayak - Kalimantan, Indonesia
metà del XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Two Charms from the Dayak people (Sarawak/Borneo) in typically squatting position.

Left one: female with a hair bun puts her hands (not visible) at their knees. Her mouth is open but without visible teeth. She is sitting at something like a broken stopper or pendant. The talisman shows a smooth patina from extensive use. There is a hole (2,5 cm deep) in the forehead possible to hold some decorating feather(s) or for absorption of some magical substances during ceremonies. Mount on a base.
Total high: 12 cm / 0,4 in.

Right one: Male which entwines his lower legs. The figure opens his mouth to present his teeth to frighten some evil. Also the position of the arms indicate a use for healing rituals. Stained with some blackish sooted patina. The base is carve from the same piece of wood. The charm shows a few old worm spots and has also a drilled small hole in the head.
Total high: 10,5 cm/ 0,35 in.

Provenience: German Private Collection (clearing).

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Numero totale di oggetti
Fascino: figura umana accovacciata
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Legno tenero
metà del XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
105×30×32 mm
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