Testa del trofeo - Legno massiccio - Kus - Asmat - West Papua (ex Irian Jaya)

Testa del trofeo - Legno massiccio - Kus - Asmat - West Papua (ex Irian Jaya)
metà del XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Hardwood trophy head or replacement head..
Ex collection J. Viali.
The head has been collected before 1970.

The head has the traditional characteristic scarifications on the cheeks of an Asmat figure. The forehead and hairline is also typical for Asmat figures. The eyes and mouth are red-orange colored and they are white rimmed with natural pigments. The scarifications are white. Maybe there have been ear ornaments. Therefore holes have been made in the ears.

Height exclusieve stand: 14 cm
The condition is good. There is a crack because of the drought.

When a trophy skull was missing for some reason, a wooden head called “kus” was carved to replace it. In later years after head-hunting was banned by the authorities wooden heads were used at initiation ceremonies in place of real ones.

Registered and insured shipment.

Dettagli lotto
Testa del trofeo
Nome dell'oggetto indigeno
West Papua (ex Irian Jaya)
Legno massiccio
metà del XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
23×13×11 cm
886 g
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