figure gemelle (1) - Legno - twin figures - Ewe - Togo

figure gemelle (1) - Legno - twin figures - Ewe - Togo
Seconda metà XIX secolo - Eccellenti condizioni

Nice couple of twin figures from the Ewe tribe in Togo. In very similar fashion to the Yoruba in Nigeria, their eastern neighbours, the Ewe in Togo and Ghana honour their twins. Yet the Ewe call these figures ‘venavi’ and they are stylistically somewhat different: ‘venavi’ are carved from light, light-coloured wood, generally from the wood of the kapok tree. They are also usually not coloured. Only occasionally are the hairstyle or the feet painted black. The proportions of the ‘Ewe venavi’ are, in comparison to the ‘ibeji’ of the Yoruba, oriented more realistically to the actual measurements of the human body. Nevertheless, the ‘classical’ Ewe style stipulates a very stereotyped pose for the ‘venavi’: rigid, standing emphatically upright, and with both arms and hands always separated from the body, pointing directly downwards. This characteristic style can also be recognised in both of the ‘venavi figures’ offered here. Both objects are very carefully crafted and their hairstyles are dyed slightly darker. They were collected before 1970. Made out of wood with a really nice and glossy patina.
The dimensions mentioned are both of them next to each other.

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Numero totale di oggetti
figure gemelle
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
twin figures
Regione / Paese
Seconda metà XIX secolo
Eccellenti condizioni
Con supporto incluso
18×5×14 cm
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