KMZ Stereo set "SKF-1" + "Zenith-TTL" with "Helios-44M" .USSR.

KMZ Stereo set "SKF-1" + "Zenith-TTL" with "Helios-44M" .USSR.
Fotocamera stereoscopica - Dispositivi principali vari - Perfetto (mint, nuovo, funzionante, mai usato)

Stereo system "SKF-1" - designed for amateur photographers to obtain stereoscopic images on reversible color and black and white films using a Zenith camera and others with receiving thread (M42) with Helios lenses and other lenses for viewing stereoscopic images in transparent frames. Size 50 × 50 mm.

Functionality: the condition is completely new, perfect, was in collectible storage and was not used - the lenses of the lenses are clean, the visibility of the stereo pair is good - without distortion.

"Zenith-TTL" with "Helios-44M"
Functionality: excellent, fully operational state - lens and viewfinder lenses are clean, viewfinder visibility is good - no distortion, focusing and aperture operation are smooth and pleasant. The blades of the diaphragm are dry, without excessive lubrication. The diaphragm ejection reflector works perfectly across the entire expansion range. The shutter fulfills the entire range of exposures perfectly. The self-timer works. The sync contact was not checked.

I give a full guarantee of the originality of the lot and its description. Your package will be very well and very securely packed. Carrier UkrPost. The package tracking window is located at this link: http: Insert the track number and see where the package is. Delivery time is due to the fact that Ukraine is not in the EU zone - from a week to four. If you buy two or more lots and combine them into one package - you will be guaranteed to receive a GIFT that matches the theme of your purchase, but at my discretion.

Dettagli lotto
Dispositivi principali vari
Numero di modello/tipo
Stereo set "SKF-1" + "Zenith-TTL" with "Helios-44M" .USSR.
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Fotocamera stereoscopica
Perfetto (mint, nuovo, funzionante, mai usato)
N° di dispositivi principali
Tipo di attacco obiettivo
Tipo di pellicola
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