Maurice de Lambert (1873-1953) - Belle Parisienne à la Peinture

Maurice de Lambert (1873-1953) - Belle Parisienne à la Peinture
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano - 1924

Maurice Walter Edmond de Lambert,
a.k.a Maurice de Lambert, born on February 9th, 1873 in Paris and died on November 20th, 1953 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, was a French illustrator, painter, decorator and engraver.

He is best known for his illustrations of books written by Victor Hugo and Maupassant.
He painted many portraits of famous actors: Sarah Bernhardt, Sacha Guitry, Réjane.

A beautiful Parisian woman painting - Painted in 1924, a beautiful original artwork, full of charm and tenderness.
Signed in the bottom left-hand corner and dated 1924 in the bottom left-hand corner, original artwork, large-size oil on canvas measuring 95 x 130 cm, mounted on stretcher.

Not Included: Original gilded wood frame because of the very high shipping fees. Only available if handed over in person (last pictures).

A certificate of authenticity will be included for the buyer.

Easy delivery to China and Taiwan with minimal customs fees, if any.
We have an office in Shanghai.


Dettagli lotto
Maurice de Lambert (1873-1953)
Titolo dell'opera
Belle Parisienne à la Peinture
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
In ottime condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
95×130 cm
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