Russia - Esercito/fanteria - Documento, Emblema, Riconoscimento

Russia - Esercito/fanteria - Documento, Emblema, Riconoscimento
Originale - Argento, Carta, Oro, Ottone - Ottime condizioni

WW II set of orders, medals and documents to one person. Items included in set are presented on the first photo:
- Order of "Patriotic War"2nd class (made of Sterling silver) with serial #4488468 plus certificate to it;
- Ukrainian Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky (serial #80574) with certificate and original box;
- Jubileum badge;
- jubileum medal For Victory over Germany and 30th Anniversry of Red Army with certificate.
WWI awards:
- USSR Patriotic War Order 2nd Class with low serial #15XXXX. Made of SterlingSilver, Hammer&sickle made of solid gold (0.325gr).
- USSR Order of Red Star with low serial #312464. Made of SterlingSilver.
- USSR medal for Courage with EXTREMELY low serial #209078, made of SterlingSilver.
- Military book, Driving license, Certificate to Bulgarian medal etc.
You buy what you see on photos. The lot will be shipped by insured/registered mail with tracking number.

Dettagli lotto
Documento, Emblema, Riconoscimento
Paese d’origine
Reparto dell’esercito
Argento, Carta, Oro, Ottone
Ottime condizioni
Originale/ Replica
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