Ecole française du XVIIIe - Portrait de femme à l'oiseau

Ecole française du XVIIIe - Portrait de femme à l'oiseau
Olio su tela - Non firmato - XVIIIème

This 18th century painting depicts a quality lady feeding a bird. This beautiful portrait shows her richly dressed, in a pink salmon coat dress adorned with knots, revealing a white lace garment worked with a beautiful volume at the wrists. She wears a matching headdress and her hair is decorated with small flowers. A coat of arms, no doubt that of her family, is painted on the right corner of the painting. The silver roses correspond to the coat of arms of the de Saboulin-Bollena family. The bird refers to elevation, purity.
This painting is on its original canvas, restorations of use, in very good condition.
Unframed. Size: Height: 93.5, width: 74.5 cm

Can be handed over in person in Paris, La Ferté Bernard region Shipping from €19

Dettagli lotto
Ecole française du XVIIIe
Titolo dell'opera
Portrait de femme à l'oiseau
Olio su tela
Non firmato
In ottime condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
93×74 cm
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