Êcole Française (Début XIXème) - Portrait de Femme à la mode Restauration

Êcole Française (Début XIXème) - Portrait de Femme à la mode Restauration
Olio su tela - Non firmato - c. 1820

- Oil on canvas. Relined.
- Dimensions of the image without frame: 61 x 50 cm (72 x 61 cm with frame)
- Private collection in Bordeaux.
- Montbaron Gallery includes a certificate of guarantee with all its lots.
- Professional packaging with high-quality materials, handling and administrative expenses included.
- Important: Due to the fragile nature of old frames, transport companies do not offer compensation for damages to frames. We put a great deal of effort to make sure that paintings are protected. However, we cannot accept complaints about frame damage.
- All our batches include a gift voucher for upcoming purchases.
- In overall fair condition. There could be minimal faults and holes due to antiquity.
- The analysis under UV light shows some damages.
- Shipping costs are indicative and in some cases, depending on circumstances beyond the seller’s control, might change.

Dettagli lotto
Êcole Française (Début XIXème)
Titolo dell'opera
Portrait de Femme à la mode Restauration
c. 1820
Olio su tela
Non firmato
In buone condizioni generali
Vendita con cornice
2 kg
Dimensioni dell’immagine
61×50 cm
Dimensioni totali
72×61×2 cm
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