Karl Lagasse - One Dollar New-York ** 02/100 ** NO RESERVE PRICE

Karl Lagasse - One Dollar New-York ** 02/100 ** NO RESERVE PRICE
Resina, Rilievo in resina, dipinto e patinato a mano, varni - Firmato a mano, New Work 2020 - 2/100 - 2020

Numbered work KARL LAGASSE - One Dollar Yellow New York (Resin Workshop 2/100).

**$**No reserve price**$**

Size: approx. 51.5 x 22 cm. 
Production year: 2020.
Weight: Approx. 600 g.
Artwork numbered 2/100.
New artwork numbered Workshop by International Artist Karl Lagasse.
2009 : At Artprice, Karl Lagasse is listed among the top ten sculptors in the world...
Since 2017 Karl Lagasse is the author of the trophy of the American film festival of Deauville succeeding the famous Cartier Jewellery House.
Hand-signed by the artist. 
Technique: Resin in relief, hand painted and patinated, varnish finish.
Artwork title: One dollar Yellow New-York.
Certificate of authenticity included.

Ideal for a prestigious Art investment! 
Sold on Artsper 9000€
Exclusively at Catawiki by Karl Lagasse’s official art dealer, Christian Ferrari.
Will be carefully packed before secure shipping via UPS with a valuable art artwork insurance.

Karl Lagasse, born on 4th April 1981 in Paris, is a French artist.

Born into a family of artists in 1981 in Paris, Karl Lagasse is a French artist and sculptor. At a very young age, he began practicing visual arts, and started making collages with his mother at the age of 7. At the same age, he met the French sculptor César Baldaccini (1921 - 1998). The latter pushed him to pursue an artistic path. A few years later, he began exploring another means of expression, producing numerous works of graffiti in the Paris metro. On the advice of artist Yvaral Vasarely (1934 - 2002), son of Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely (1906 - 1997), Karl Lagasse started incorporating his tags into his collages.

Karl Lagasse's artistic career began in 1996, when he was 15 years old and sold his first work in Antwerp. In 2003, Karl prepared his first exhibition in Paris in which he exhibited works combining the techniques of painting and collage.In 2003, Karl prepared his first exhibition in Paris in which he exhibited works combining the techniques of painting and collage. His first personal exhibition was held in 2006 in Paris. During this exhibition, he presents his famous ‘Buildings’ in the Isy Brachot gallery located in Brussels.

2009 was a year of consecration for the artist. In 2009 thanks to his sculptures ‘One Dollar’ Karl Lagasse is ranked among the top ten sculptors in the world by Artprice. In 2012, the artist was named one of the 50 best contemporary artists drawing inspiration from American icons. The same year, Karl Lagasse created the sculpture titled ‘Building’. This sculpture was made for the 65th Cannes Film Festival and represents its history.

In 2014, the artist was contacted by Maserati about collaborating on a celebration of the centenary of the Italian brand and the worldwide launch of the new Ghibli12. A year later, Karl Lagasse and Maserati collaborated again on the creation of a monumental installation titled ‘A Piece of Heaven on Earth’. This work consists of a Maserati covered with white plastic film and a statue of Jesus Christ. His feet are covered with several ‘One Dollar’ sculptures. The latter represent the repayment of humanity's greatest debt.

More recently in 2016, on the occasion of the Art Paris Art Fair, former French President François Hollande personally congratulated the artist on the success of his work ‘One Dollar’, a bronze sculpture measuring two meters high on display at the Grand Palais.

In 2017, Karl Lagasse created the trophy for the winners of the 43rd edition of the Deauville American Film Festival.

Best known for his ‘One dollar’ sculptures, his ‘Buildings’ inspired by New York skyscrapers. In addition, they are meant to trigger reflection on one’s self and on the surrounding world. Karl Lagasse draws his inspiration from the American society and his personal need to ‘build and raise’ himself His art is the result of his admiration of the USA. Moreover, his ‘One Dollar’ sculptures show, according to the artist, what one can do with one dollar. Lagasse produces these resin sculptures in red, blue, purple, or even yellow, but they all have an extraordinary relief finish by the artist. As the artist Karl Lagasse would say show that one can ‘Make art with $1’, In good we trust .

More information: https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Lagasse


Dettagli lotto
Karl Lagasse
Titolo dell'opera
One Dollar New-York ** 02/100 ** NO RESERVE PRICE
Resina, Rilievo in resina, dipinto e patinato a mano, varni
Firmato a mano, New Work 2020
Dimensioni dell’immagine
51,5×22 cm
Venduto con cornice
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