M'I lumina - Vaso - Blossom

M'I lumina - Vaso - Blossom
Italia - Dopo il 2000 - Porcellana

Vase "Blossom" in pink and white porcelain, matte finish.

It's crafted putting with a brush different layers of porcelain on a balloon with a long and laborious process. The inner layer has a pink "tulle" texture, the outer layers are white. Without a pedestal, this vase naturally finds its balance on the floor but it comes with an handmade aluminium pedestal to fix it. This piece of contemporary ceramic is not suitable for containing liquids.

Like all M'I lumina creations, each one is a unique piece, modeled without mold. It's single-fired at 1260° in a ceramic kiln and is colored in bulk, adding oxides to the porcelain. Made in Italy, completely hand made.

In my work “Blossom” the extreme lightness and the particular shaping want to allude to the fragility and the beauty of a flower without re-creating the flower itself. It's an iconic object that represents the archetype of the flower that everyone has inside.

Dettagli lotto
Designer / Artista
M'I lumina
Modello / nome
Periodo stimato
Dopo il 2000
Paese d’origine
Come nuovo - mai usata
19×14×21 cm
280 g
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