M'I lumina - Ciotola

M'I lumina - Ciotola
Italia - Dopo il 2000 - Porcellana

Porcelain bowl coloured in bulk with oxides. No glaze, no engobes. Single fired at 1260° Celsius, oxidation.

My work concerns fragility and lightness. It's a non-conceptual approach that investigates the chances of the material, led to its extreme consequences. In my porcelain bowls I try to make the internal surface to meet the external one, cutting down the thickness of the bowl the most possible, in order to create something new and unique.

The “Life” series talk about a joyful recreation that alludes to the natural elements, in particular water and air. The light blue colors inside are mixed on a balloon and then covered with other layers in a darker blue. The external surface consists in a brush work that creates a scrub texture that ends with a touch of white paper clay. The extreme lightness of this work wants to remember the fragility and the extreme beauty of Creation as well.

Dettagli lotto
Designer / Artista
M'I lumina
Periodo stimato
Dopo il 2000
Paese d’origine
Come nuovo - mai usata
10×20×20 cm
203 g
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