Robert Indiana - "The mother of us all" 1977 complete portfolio

Robert Indiana - "The mother of us all" 1977 complete portfolio
Litografia, Serigrafia - Firmato a mano - 150 - 1977

Provenance: directly from several collectors (USA during era 2006-2010

Robert Indiana (RI) - THE MOTHER OF US ALL 13 lithographs
complete portfolio
Silkscreen/Serigraph - signed / numbered in pencil- 150 - 1977
Proofs : 26
image size: as per the item information
Printer: Fernand Mourlon Paris
Publisher: Intended for publication by Leon Amiel Paris

provenance: Robert Indiana Prints Catalogue Raisonne 1951 -1991 (page 60/61)
(this is the "Robert Indiana prints "bible") - also as per the pictures

I have severely check all auction results from almost every auction in the world (artnet) . Only one set was sold over the years: at Christie's (in 2013) set price for a complete edition was $3250 (not included the commission costs of 25%)

This is in the only complete set which is currently being sold in the world. This portfolio consists of at least 7 artist proofs (!) and 6 numbered (edition numbers) ; different proof & edition numbers; as per the photos.
The set is in "perfect" condition" ; only very little side (not he print itself) mini creases. The General Grant is a bit less white than the others . The publisher told me this is because of the paper (every single print was stored in a drawer/ room temperature.
On the photo's you see some little crease on the right side /middle.: please note - this is my camera problem... it is not on Lithograph itselves!

The prints in the set are Susan B / Gertrude S / Gen. US Grant / Indiana Elliot / Jo the loiterer/ Lilian Russell / Anthony Comstock / Anne / Henrietta M / Gloster Hemming / Jenny Reefer / Constance Fletcher / Angel More

These Lithographs illustrate Robert Indiana's custome design vfor the Virgil Thomson / Gertrude STein opera "the mother of us all" . RI 's involvement withe Thomson and various productions of the opera began in 1965 allready! and culminated in a Bicentennial production by the Santa Fe opera in 1976

These 13 lithographs

The original series was published in an edition of 2500, but very few remain in this condition. The enclosed book features Creeley's poems (in English and German) with ten silkscreens of Indiana's numbers series from 0 to 9. The silkscreens have NOT been removed from the book and are still bound, this is very rare.

Robert Indiana is of course known of his very detailed artwork. The 1968 "numbers edition"
has been made in 3 different edition:
- 125 (each number signed/numbered/ XL size
- 250 edition portfolio (only the front page information page was signed/numbered
- 2500 page ( serigraphs in a book ; with poem not signed / not numbered)

Condition of bookcover is good for its age (52 years old)
Condtion of the Silkscreens are very good.

Shipped by registered mail with insurance.


Dettagli lotto
Robert Indiana
Titolo dell'opera
"The mother of us all" 1977 complete portfolio
Litografia, Serigrafia
Firmato a mano
Come nuovo
Dimensioni dell’immagine
49.2×59.4 cm
Dimensioni totali
49.2×59.4×1 mm
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