After Roy Lichtenstein - Pistol Roy Lichtenstein from Banner, Multiples 1968

After Roy Lichtenstein - Pistol Roy Lichtenstein from Banner, Multiples 1968
Serigrafia - Non firmato - <300 - 1968

Roy Lichtenstein, Pistol, 1968.

Colour screen print on paper.
With their copyright text on the reverse (as per photo).
Image: 22 x 38.5 cm
Sheet: 40 x 60 cm
This is "framed" in a "ready to hang" mat (as per the photo). Dimensions approx. 40 cm x 60 cm.
Edition of unknown size (estimated < fewer than 300 may be max. 100). the mat + print is packed/wrapped in film.

Unsigned as published.
(*) Stamped verso "silkscreen from Banner Roy Lichyenstein © for Multiples Inc. 1968"
Printed by Edition Domberger, Germany.
(*) See also one of the photos; the verso side!)
Published by Multiples, Inc., New York.
My provenance: bought from a German Pop Art collector, 2011.

About Roy Lichtenstein Banner:


The power of Pistol as an image is undeniable. The myth of the Wild West and the central role in American culture on which this myth depends, is utterly elucidated with it; Lichtenstein has intensified the drama of the pointed gun, now, literally, 'in your face'. In the early 1960s, Lichtenstein was already obliterating gesture in his paintings, using magna, an early acrylic pigment, to paint areas of colour smoothly .In 1964 Roy Lichtenstein was asked to design a felt banner by legendary art dealers Marion Goodman, Robert Graham and Barbara Kulicke, who established the Betsy Ross Flag and Banner partnership. After creating the iconic 1964 Felt Banner in an edition of 20, Lichtenstein created Pistol, 1968, using his Pistol image to publish an unsigned and unnumbered colour silkscreen published by Multiples Inc.

For Lichtenstein, the banner superbly addressed three vital issues: the process stretched the 'steps' between the original motif and the finished work; the technique ensured a gesture-free surface; and, being a multiple, the purchase price was low enough that more people could buy one of the copies in the edition. Lichtenstein was always interested in pushing the boundaries of his art, exploring different media such as ceramic, steel sculpture and - as here - felt; as well as issuing works in small editions. Lichtenstein took this one step further in 1968, when the Pistolbanner was used by Multiples Inc. and printed as a colour silkscreen in an unnumbered edition.

Roy Lichtenstein one of the greatest Pop Art artist. He started to draw/paint very common objects (like a cartoon Mickey). This Pistol was one of his early works.
Shipping by priority mail.


Dettagli lotto
After Roy Lichtenstein
Titolo dell'opera
Pistol Roy Lichtenstein from Banner, Multiples 1968
Non firmato
Come nuovo
Dimensioni dell’immagine
22×38.5 cm
Dimensioni totali
40×60×1 cm
Venduto con cornice
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