3 libri su micro automobili, tre ruote, ecc .... - Bond, Reliant, Isetta, Messerschmitt, and many others ...

3 libri su micro automobili, tre ruote, ecc .... - Bond, Reliant, Isetta, Messerschmitt, and many others ...
3 oggetti - Ottimo/come nuovo - 5×23×30 cm

Book 1

Lawrie Bond Microcar Man - An Illustrated History of Bond Cars
307 pages
Hard cover
25 x 18 cm
0,980 kg

Once a common sight on Britain's roads, few people today seem to have heard of the Bond Minicar not a diminutive, gadget laden conveyance for the fictional 007 character, but a popular, practical, motorcycle-engined, three-wheeler that in the post-war austerity period, gave tens of thousands of people affordable personal transport at a time when conventional vehicles were beyond the reach of the average household. Yet whilst the later, mostly imported, 'Bubble cars' have remained in the public eye, it is largely forgotten that the first of the postwar 'Microcars' to go into significant production was the British designed and built Bond.

Equally enigmatic seems to be the designer of this vehicle, Lawrence 'Lawrie' Bond a prolific automotive design genius, with a penchant for weight-saving construction techniques. He was responsible for a wide range of two, three and four wheel vehicles; from ultra-lightweight motorcycles and scooters, such as the Minibyke, Lilliput and Gazelle, as well as his other Microcars the stylish Berkeley and perhaps less-than-pretty Opperman Unicar and finally to his later work, including the innovative, but troubled Bond 875 and styling the Equipe GT sportscar.


Book 2

Three-Wheelers A-Z - The Definitive Encyclopaedia of Three-wheeled Vehicles from 1940 to Date
238 pages
Hard cover
30 x 22 cm
1,103 kg

This book is ideal for fans of bubble cars like the Isetta and Messerschmitt; kit cars such as the Lomax, Triking and Berkeley; touring trikes from the likes of Harley-Davidson; lovers of Del Boy's Reliant Regal; tilting trikes like the Carver; and a whole host of weird and wonderful cars that have never been seen before. Chris Rees tells the full story of three-wheelers in 240 pages, detailing 1,122 different designs and boasting over 1,600 illustrations.


Book 3

The Reliant Robin - Britain's Most Bizarre Car
112 pages
Soft cover
23 x 25 cm
0,527 kg

Spanning four decades, the Reliant Robin was a familiar, if eccentric, fixture on Britain's roads; an object of amusement to those who didn't understand its ultra-thrifty ways and a source of pride to the many thousands of owners who did. During a time of deep recession in 1970s Britain, this stylish little car from Tamworth became a massive hit, boasting low fuel consumption and cheap tax. Reliant couldn't make them fast enough, until a culture of more sophisticated car buyers saw it go into eventual decline. From its beginnings in 1973 to its demise almost thirty years later, Giles Chapman traces the colourful history of the most famous and iconic three-wheeled car in Britain.

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3 libri su micro automobili, tre ruote, ecc ....
Bond, Reliant, Isetta, Messerschmitt, and many others ...
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Ottimo/come nuovo
5×23×30 cm
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