Testa - Pietra - Pierre sculpté - Yoruba - Nigeria

Testa - Pietra - Pierre sculpté - Yoruba - Nigeria
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Head in Stone, Yorba culture, Nigeria Height: 31 cm.

Magnificent and rare head in stone representing a masculine face with typical features of the Yoruba of southwest Nigeria. The face is full of life. The sculptor contributed all his art and soul to this piece. An exceptional piece.
Very little reference is available on this sort of sculpture in stone, we can find some in the book of Frank Willet, about Yoruba royal art, Ifé in the History of West African Sculpture, 1967. Sculptures in stone referenced in this book refer to the arts of the Ifé and Owo kingdoms. It is difficult to establish precise dating for this work, it probably dates between the 16th and the 19th century.

This piece was exhibited during the “Yoruba” exhibition at the gallery Atelier, in Toulouse, October 2010. A catalogue was published in 100 copies, a copy will be delivered to the buyer.

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Pierre sculpté
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