Hans Meeuwsen - 2020-22 Oggetto in porcellana

Hans Meeuwsen - 2020-22 Oggetto in porcellana
Paesi Bassi - 2000-presente - Porcellana

The work of art is made of porcelain, oxidised heated at 1240 C. The wall thickness is approx. a millimetre, giving the porcelain some transparency.
There is a hole at the back to mount the item. In the photos with grey background, the object is depicted mounted.

It is a unique handmade object.
The artist signed this piece by hand after baking.

The artwork is packed in a custom-made wooden box with foam rubber lining.

When shipped, this box will be packed “box in box”, filling the gap with shock-absorbing, environment-friendly materials.

Hans Meeuwsen (1954, The Netherlands) graduated from the Visual Arts Academy in Tilburg to initially become a teacher in visual arts at an upper secondary school. His main specialism was drawing, but he accidentally discovered the potential of clay as a visual arts medium. Rolling, pressing and cutting provided him with little flat clay squares that he used to built cubic shapes looking like hermetically closed cells.
A few years later he received national and international recognition with exhibitions in The Netherlands and Germany. Important works from that time include towers, pyramids and other constructions, some being pure geometric abstractions, others being interpretations of the mythical Tower of Babel. Hans further developed his ceramic skills during residencies at the European Ceramic Work Centre in The Netherlands and working periods in New Zealand, Lithuania and the Japanese Island Hirado.
During the most recent years he has further developed his ceramic skills and works with creamy white wafer-thin slices of porcelain that are mounted into cubes or pyramids. By stacking these geometric shapes in repetitive patterns he creates sculptures that are reminiscent of the Dutch Zero-movement and in particular the works by Jan Schoonhoven, but in the end clearly bears the artists’ own signature. He applies his decades-long experience to create a dialogue between inner and outer space, between geometric and organic, between order and chaos.
Hans Meeuwsen is a “Prix de Rome” nominee of 1987 and a Fletcher Challenge Ceramic merit award winner of 1992 and ever since then his work has found its way to many national and international collections.

Dettagli lotto
2020-22 Oggetto in porcellana
Designer / Artista
Hans Meeuwsen
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
Come nuovo - mai usata
225×225×25 mm
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