Mohair Konya Tulu - Kelim - 215 cm - 125 cm

Mohair Konya Tulu - Kelim - 215 cm - 125 cm
Angora e lana - Turchia - metà del XX secolo

This mid-20th century vintage rug is called "Filikli" in Turkey which is a word for a "flokati" style long piled handmade rugs produced for daily use by Nomads in Central Anatolia. This particular one is made of tufts of local Angora (Mohair) type goats' wool hand-knotted on a woolen Kilim. Vintage "Tulu" rugs are very popular in the design world for their simple and charming designs, fun colors, comfort and practicality of usage as a floor covering, wall hanging or sofa throw. They are also considered as objects of collectible folk and textile art as well as being functional and decorative rugs.

Filikli Rugs are iconic weavings by the nomads.Sheeps wool is used for the background warp and weft structure and the knots are of angora.These are colourful, silky nomadic weavings mainly made for the families’ utiliterian needs.

A great example of this increasingly hard-to-find type.

The kilim has very soft texture.

There is no major restoration to speak off, slightly restorated.

The kilim weaved as three panel and then hand-stitched together.If you want you can easily cut the stitches and use it separately.

The overall composition of the kelim is impressive and unique with nice color and pon pon texture.It's great for make any interior looks special.

All sides and ends in very good condition.

Cleaning :

The rug collected as clean.Ready to use.

Shipment :

Well packaged fast delivery via DHL Express.
This rug made of mohair.Mohair density, almost two times heavier then normal kind wool's density.So shipment prices higher than normal kind wool.

Thanks for supporting handmade.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di oggetti
Mohair Konya Tulu
215 cm
125 cm
Angora e lana
Paese d’origine
Periodo di produzione
metà del XX secolo
In ottime condizioni
Tappeto pulito professionalmente
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