Highland Park 30 years old - Original bottling - b. Dagli anni 2000 a oggi. - 700ml

Highland Park 30 years old - Original bottling - b. Dagli anni 2000 a oggi. - 700ml
Single malt whisky - 48.1%

HIGHLAND PARK aged 30 years
Enormously intense and full of pressure on the nose. First the oak is there. Aromatic, sherry-soaked and herbal. Eucalyptus crystallizes out. It does not take long before overripe fruit comes. Apple, orange, fig, apricots. Significantly fermented. Sweet caramel is mixed with this fruit compote. Brittle and trail mix. In the background are sherrylastige wine flavors. After some time, the herbs come through stronger again, this time with honey and cherry. And now - after twenty minutes - comes a delicate, barely noticeable trail of smoke. With spice it is more smoked cheese than real smoke. Dry pipe tobacco. Modriges leather. Then still peach. Unbelievably interesting. Enchantingly aromatic.
Very sweet, but immediately accompanied by tingling, oak. Tobacco, orange concentrate, resin, fermented fruit, woody honey, a rollercoaster ride. After swallowing, a nice bitterness slowly sets in, leaving enough room for the intense fruits and the sweet spice composition. The Nachschmecken is dominated by tobacco and baked apple. With further swallowing it becomes kräutriger.
Very long. Tobacco, fruits, dark chocolate. It gets drier after minutes.

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Dettagli lotto
Single malt whisky
Highland Park
Original bottling
Volume su Etichetta
% di alcol
Periodo di imbottigliamento
Dagli anni 2000 a oggi.
Età in anni
Confezione originale
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