Alexander Gronsky (1980) - Mountains and waters (diptyque)

Alexander Gronsky (1980) - Mountains and waters (diptyque)
Stampa digitale - Firmato - 2016

These are 2 original photos forming a diptych. Signed and numbered out of 25 on the back by Alexander GRONSKY.
Each piece is 19 x 22.5 cm including a white margin of 0.5 cm on all 4 sides.
Print on lovely matte paper.

These prints accompanied the first edition of the book Mountains and waters, also included in this sale.

The prints, book and box are in very good condition, like new.

Mountains and waters is a landscape photo book about contemporary China. Each double page is a diptych.

The first edition in a box with prints is sold out.

Secure shipping in bubble wrap with insurance.

Dettagli lotto
Alexander Gronsky (1980)
Titolo dell'opera
Mountains and waters (diptyque)
Stampa digitale
Data di stampa
Condizioni originali
Dimensioni dell’immagine
18×21.5 cm
Dimensioni totali
19×22.5×0.1 cm
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