Giappone - Marina - Spada, Uniforme - 1939

Giappone - Marina - Spada, Uniforme - 1939
Originale - Cotone, Metallo, Pelle - Ottime condizioni

Summer uniform of a captain of the Imperial Japanese Navy, with belt and sword

White cotton/linen tunic with closed collar, two pockets. Fastener hooks on the collar.
Brass buttons on the front.
Navy Captain’s epaulettes.
On the left side of the chest, there are buckles and seams for a long ribbon or medal pin.

The inside of the tunic has two chest pockets. Owner’s original nametag with the name written in Kanji is still attached to the neck.

With the matching trousers. Deposition stamp and manufacturer’s stamp in Kanji on the inside of the trousers.
All the buttons are intact.

Imperial Japanese Navy Officers' belt, buckle with sword holder.

Length: 78 cm (adjustable for a larger size) x 3 cm leather belt. The belt loop is made of brass in two pieces, measuring about 44 mm. The middle bulges outward and is decorated with a marine anchor.

Standard-issue WWII Japanese naval officer’s sword

Length: 106 cm, blade: 74 cm, no oxidation, in perfect condition, weight: 1.6 kg
Black lacquered magnolia wood sheath, no cracks, normal wear.
Button closure and safety lock in perfect condition.
Ray skin handle and standard cotton lanyard braid
Tsuba, motif of the rising sun, symbol of the Imperial Navy
Ornaments, sheath and standard imperial Navy handle.
Sword in collectible condition, no damage.

Dettagli lotto
Spada, Uniforme
Paese d’origine
Reparto dell’esercito
Anno di fabbricazione
Cotone, Metallo, Pelle
Originale / Replica
Ottime condizioni
Taglia (Indumenti / Calotta dell’elmetto)
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