Dinastia cinese di Ming Terracotta Statua del sorvegliante

Dinastia cinese di Ming Terracotta Statua del sorvegliante
Ca. 1368-1644 AD

Ca. 1368-1644 AD Charming Chinese Ming Dynasty earthenware blue glazed figure of attendant standing on a raised square base. The gentleman is shown in upright position. Wears a red high hat, a long sleeved blue glazed robe with red accents and black painted boots. Face highly detailed. Size: L:190mm / W:65mm ; 350g Provenance: Obtained from a I.L.C; previously formed in 1970s then passed by descent. All Items sold by Pax Romana Auctions come with a professional Certificate of Authenticity.

This item has been dated according to style and patina, the seller believes this piece is from the period. Because of the value no TL test or Radiography have been made for this item

Dettagli lotto
Dinastia cinese di Ming
Statua del sorvegliante
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
Ca. 1368-1644 AD
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