Anton - Solo lier B - Lira - Repubblica Ceca - 2002

Anton - Solo lier B - Lira - Repubblica Ceca - 2002
Buone condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 1 - Inclusi: Lira - Custodia rigida, chiave di sintonia

The lyre is made of ash wood. The unique number of the lyre is 2002 - No. 0098. The lyre looks very good and is 62 cm high and 49 cm wide. The upholstery of the wooden suitcase is completely intact on the inside. The outside has some small traces of use (see photo). The suitcase is 64.5 x 21.5 cm. It has a tuning key.

Tuning: chromatic, c - d ́ ́, 39 strings

'The shape and general proportions offer the listener a very pleasant listening experience. The bright and soft tone relaxes the player and creates a comfortable, protected space. A longer aperture of the base strings and a modified internal construction give this instrument a dynamic spectrum of very strong to very light, silver tones. This type of lyre is comfortable to hold and easy to play, something both beginners and advanced players will appreciate.'

Dettagli lotto
Solo lier B
Tipo di strumento/ Oggetto
Paese di origine
Repubblica Ceca
Anno di fabbricazione
Buone condizioni
Numero di articoli
chiave di sintonia, Custodia rigida
Legno- Acero
7.8 kg
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