Intaglio - Legno massiccio - Bali, Indonesia

Intaglio - Legno massiccio - Bali, Indonesia
metà del XX secolo - Buone condizioni

A deep hand carved figurine of Kreshna painted in polychrome. Dated circa 1950. Kreshna is the friend and ally of the Pandawa family and he is seen as an incarnation of God Visnu.. In his human form, he likes to save humanity from evil. The figurine is carved deeply and richly. He holds a prayer book in his left hand. The polychrome painting is beautiful in colour, a feast for the eyes. Bricks are displayed on the, typical of a short period in the 1950s, when that was "fashion" for a while. The piece of paper under the figurine is still from the previous owner and has the text "Kreshna, the dark skinned one, Bali 1950". The sculpture is in good condition, except for some minor (age-related) signs of wear and tear. It will be carefully packed and sent by registered mail.

Dettagli lotto
Bali, Indonesia
Legno massiccio
metà del XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
36×12×11 cm
723 g
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