Bonsai de Ficus Retusa - 1.1×1.1 m - Spagna

Bonsai de Ficus Retusa - 1.1×1.1 m - Spagna
Anni: 60 - Sconosciuto - Vaso: 15×43×61 cm

Very nice Fucus Retusa. I bought the bonsai 23 years ago, bought it as a 35/40 year old bonsai, so it must be about 60 years old. It was transplanted into a larger pot about 2.5 years ago. It has had its roots cut this year. It will not need another cut until 2 years from now. The trunk makes a 360 degree turn. At its base it measures 40 x 26 cm. The trunk in its middle part measures 20 x 15. The bonsai is large and heavy, about 50 kilos. It is very healthy. The top has a width of 1.10 meters, the height of the trunk is 1.10 meters with pot 1.25 meters x 0.60 m x 0.43 m

Shipping is done under agreement. If it is national I can take it personally, for me its safety is very important.

Dettagli lotto
Specie di albero
Bonsai de Ficus Retusa
Tipo di crescita
Età stimata (in anni)
Dimensioni dell’albero (senza vaso)
1.1×1.1 m
Larghezza del tronco
40 cm
Origine dell’albero
Dimensioni del vaso
15×43×61 cm
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