Spada - Acciaio/ferro di Damasco - Parang - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Spada - Acciaio/ferro di Damasco - Parang - Kalimantan, Indonesia
Seconda metà XIX secolo - Buone condizioni

A quite unusual Parang Nabur with Chinese influence. The outlines are common for the Parang Nabur from Borneo, but the blade is slightly less curved and in Southern Chinese style. The forte of the blade is made of three riveted forged steel sheets ending in a wide thin blade. The blade is light and flexible and single edged. Forging pattern is well visible on the blade. The knuckle guard is made of one piece with a typical Parang Nabur thumb rest and screw-wired pommel. The handle is made of horn and carved more for the show than for the actual grip.

The sword comes with the original leather scabbard imprinted with flowers surrounded by cartouches.

Condition: Good, minimal ware due to age, the scabbard tip is missing.


Hilt: 15,5 cm.
Blade: 48,5 cm.
Scabbard: 46 cm.
Total length: 61 cm.

Priority shipping and professional packing.

Dettagli lotto
Nome dell'oggetto indigeno
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Acciaio/ferro di Damasco
Seconda metà XIX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
0×7×61 cm
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