Hieronymus Cock (1510-1570) - Mercury and Argus

Hieronymus Cock (1510-1570) - Mercury and Argus
Incisione - firmato - ca. 1598

Description: Argus rests on a stone while Mercury plays on the shepherd's flute. The music makes the shepherd Argus fall asleep. Mercury would later kill Argus.

This is one of 14 etchings that show landscapes with biblical and mythological scenes.

Reference: Hollstein Dutch 13, Riggs 42.

Literature: D. Allart, in J. van Grieken - G. Luijten - J. van der Stock, "Hieronymus Hahn: Die Renaissance im Druck", exh. cat. Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels and Fondation Custodia in Paris, New Haven and London, 2013

Condition: Very good print on handmade paper, only cut outside the plate edge, a few mm, in the picture on the right, otherwise with thread edges around the plate border - signed

In this print, the narrative of Mercury and Argus (from Ovid's metamorphoses) is overshadowed by the fantastic landscape. Following the Flemish tradition, Cock shows all the elements of nature: Forests, mountain ranges, rivers, fields and animals This print shows Mercury trying to lull the giant Argus to sleep before beheading him. Mercury was sent to Jupiter by Juno, Jupiter's wife, after she caught him seducing Io. To escape, Jupiter dressed up as a cow as depicted in the foreground.

Dettagli lotto
Hieronymus Cock (1510-1570)
Titolo dell'opera
Mercury and Argus
ca. 1598
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
224×306 mm
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