Charles Olivier de Penne (1831-1897) - Chiens de chasse

Charles Olivier de Penne (1831-1897) - Chiens de chasse
Olio su pannello - Firmato a mano - 1880

One painting is signed, the other monogrammed.
A history painter, but best known for his hunting scenes and animal representations, he is associated to the Barbizon school.
Grand prize of Rome in 1857 He made his debut at the Salon in 1857 and was awarded a bronze medal in 1872. He then exhibited at the Salon des artistes Français in 1881 and 1882, and received a silver medal in 1883 and at the 1889 World's Fair.
Artworks in various museums.
‘Le Duc d'Orléans, chassant à courre au Bosquet de Sylvie en 1841’ (1886), Chantilly, Condé Museum.
Belgium, Liége, Montreal,
Rouen, Agen, museum of Fine Arts 
Chantilly, Condé Museum:
Gien, International Hunting Museum 
Paris, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts
Rennes, museum of Fine Arts 
Senlis, Museum of The Vénerie 
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Dettagli lotto
Charles Olivier de Penne (1831-1897)
Titolo dell'opera
Chiens de chasse
Olio su pannello
Firmato a mano
In condizioni generali abbastanza buone
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
20.5×11 cm
Dimensioni totali
27×6×36 cm
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