Collana - Guscio, conchiglia, Madreperla - Pangalapang - Ifugao, Filippine

Collana - Guscio, conchiglia, Madreperla - Pangalapang - Ifugao, Filippine
Seconda metà XX secolo - Buone condizioni

Ifugao necklace, Pangalapang.

Each piece of mother-of-pearl 7,5 cm long is cut and pierced with 2 holes.
A woven cord of vegetable fibres holds them around the neck. 72 cm in circumference, the distance between the two end pieces of mother-of-pearl is 35 cm.
This old necklace is in perfect condition. Made of plaques of mother-of-pearl cut from pearl oyster shells, it's an ancestral item of jewellery from the Ifugao and Bontoc tribes from the Philippines. They live in central Cordillera where they built the famous terraced paddy fields at Banaue, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The original use of this necklace (Pangalapang) was to be worn by men. However, old photos show that some women wore it as well. Symbol of social status, it showed the owner's capacity to acquire raw materials from the coast. These necklaces were made to the east of Ifugao by the Mayaoyao. But there are also smaller versions made by their neighbours in Kalinga.

Dettagli lotto
Nome dell'oggetto indigeno
Ifugao, Filippine
Guscio, conchiglia, Madreperla
Seconda metà XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
32×35×3 cm
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