Maschera casco - Legno - Bundu / Sowei - Mende - Sierra Leone / Liberia

Maschera casco - Legno - Bundu / Sowei - Mende - Sierra Leone / Liberia
Buone condizioni

- Private collection, UK

The women's Sande, or Bundu, society, which is found in Liberia and Sierra Leone, traditionally initiated girls into womanhood by preparing them for marriage, family life, and participation in the women's sphere of community life. When they were deemed to be ready, the high-ranking teacher and society leader introduced them to the community as adult women. On this occasion, each leader wore a voluminous raffia fiber costume and a wooden helmet mask that embodied sowei, the water spirit and guardian deity of the Sande society. In most societies, only men are entitled to carve or wear masks. The exception is the Sande helmet mask: although carved by men, it is worn exclusively by women.

The sculpture will be shipped via express courier with track and trace, fully insured.
1-3 days delivery within Europe. 2-5 days delivery to USA.

Dettagli lotto
Maschera casco
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Bundu / Sowei
Regione / Paese
Sierra Leone / Liberia
Buone condizioni
Con supporto incluso
36×23×20 cm
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