Statuetta raffigurante maternità - Legno - Baoulé - Costa d’Avorio

Statuetta raffigurante maternità - Legno - Baoulé - Costa d’Avorio
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Baule Maternity figure

- Giovanni Franco Scanzi, Italy

Giovanni Scanzi published several books on African art : L'art traditional Lobi; Statuaire de Cote Ivoire, etc

Among the Baule, the existence of one's otherworld mate is typically encountered by young adults who face specific problems such as infertility, illness, incompatibility with their real life mate or other significant relationships, and even failure to find a real life mate. Once a person is "diagnosed" by a diviner (called a wunnzueyifue and an important member of Baule society), it may be determined the problem can be "cured" or resolved by marriage to a spirit spouse – in which case a "blolo statue", or spirit spouse is commissioned and carved. Male spirit spouses are called blolo bian; females are called blolo bla.

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Statuetta raffigurante maternità
Regione / Paese
Costa d’Avorio
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Con supporto incluso
44×9×9 cm
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