925 Argento vermeillisé - Citrino - Ametista - Topazio - Peridoto - Granato ecc ... - Collana

925 Argento vermeillisé - Citrino - Ametista - Topazio - Peridoto - Granato ecc ... - Collana
Misura: 92cms - Peso totale: 20,15 g

Long vintage necklace in silver (acid tested) set with fine stones: amethysts garnets peridots citrines topazes etc...
Length about 92cm
Weight 20.15gr

NOTE: while trying to be as accurate as possible, measurements have not been taken to the nearest millimetre, justifying the use of the adverb APPROXIMATELY. Thank you.
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Dettagli lotto
Argento vermeillisé - Citrino - Ametista - Topazio - Peridoto - Granato ecc ...
Titolo materiale
Peso totale
20,15 g
Ottime condizioni - leggermente usato con piccoli segni di usura
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